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World Health Organization Art to Act for Health

In 2018 the World Health Organization and French artist Isabelle Wachsmuth created 'Art to Act for Health', a three part show focused on the following:

Art Against Violence: From Violence to Resilience from Women’s Perspective

Designed to empower women and stimulate awareness on societal health issues/problems with respect to gender equity dimension and consideration with a goal of creating a network of women artists around the world who are working to translate the societal health issues/problems artistically and stimulate collective and emotional intelligence.

Dare to Act for Health: Personal to Societal Transformation

Using 7 steps of transformation which move from personal to societal, Ms. Wachsmuth created paintings and poetry to influence the design and implementation of health policies while addressing the role civil society and individuals play in transforming and strengthening health systems, and in delivering care services.

Art for Universal Health Coverage 

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Movement demands “everyone, everywhere should have access to quality and affordable health services and calls on politicians to legislate, invest and collaborate with all of society to make this demand a reality.”  Using the 6 key UHC 'asks' (Political Leadership Beyond Health, Leave No One Behind, Regulate & Legislate, Uphold Quality of Care, Invest More, Invest Better, and Move Together) artists have created paintings, poetry, photography and stories meant to inspire deep reflection and mobilize the viewer to take collective action to realize health coverage and care for all.


L'Isolement (Isolation)
Isabelle Wachsmuth, Peintre (Painter)

Florence Crocherie, Calligraphe (Calligrapy)

Gilbert Pecqueur, Photographe (Photographer)

Carine De Potter, Realisatrice (Director)

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