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"'Sage Advice' is a 6-week arts making and writing workshop designed for the elder population.  Designed and led by artist Ashley Mintz, these workshops give space to an older generation to share their stories and their rich histories. Through imagery and writing, participants will go on a visual storytelling journey, reminiscing on their pasts, sharing together in the present, and looking toward the future using creativity. 


Participants will learn art techniques and engage in writing exercises that will continue to build from one week to the next, so that they can explore the process of how mixed media art is layered and built upon. Using paints, crayons, markers and materials such as lace, book pages, twine, ribbon and designer paper, each group will create weekly mixed media pieces such as a fold out life map, a bookmark, and paintings, collages, and drawings which illustrate their lives.  These pieces, along with weekly writings, will be incorporated into a unique book for each participant, and be featured  in online and in-person exhibits of the work.

Workshops will be offered each quarter, as follows:

 If you would be interested in learning more about Sage Advice, or wish to host a workshop at a senior citizen home or community center, contact Ashley Mintz or to discuss in more detail.

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