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How can the past inspire us to design for a better future?  Join artist and sculptor Mike Benevenia at Rest Haven Cemetery to discuss the role of a cemetery in capturing history, culture, and art through its headstones, crypts, mausoleums, and statues, most of which memorialize the once known.  Armed with drawing tablets and tools, you'll be free to wander the 7-acre site, sketching whatever captures your eye and imagination. After the group is finished sketching, have lunch on us from The Coffee House and share what you drew and why you were inspired to do so.  

Rest Haven is famous for a burial plot dedicated to an Unknown Soldier. Was he young? Whom did he leave behind? What was his life like before he became a soldier? Mike will use the Drawn Together sketches as inspiration for a sculpture that seeks to reimagine what a monument might be as it memorializing the everyday unknown person for future generations.

We anticipate the sculpture will be complete next Fall, 2022, and hope all participants who contributed to the inspiration and ideas behind Mike's work will attend the unveiling of the piece.

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